Build a healthier patient panel with a unique weight reduction program created exclusively for primary care physicians with Revergence Healthcare.

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In 2013 the American Medical Association (AMA) classified obesity as a metabolic disease—a medical condition. As with any medical condition such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension, and now— metabolic disease—they are best treated by a trained doctor and medical team. A 5-10% reduction in body weight is known to reduce blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure, and associated medications. The MetTrimMD protocol is proven to help patients lose weight, reduce risk factors, and increase practice revenue.

Why Patients Across the U.S. Embrace this Program?
The #1 reason is safety. Next, at the top is trust – patients trust their doctor over TV celebrity plans. Next are individual results – results that are achieved when a MetTrimMD medical team identifies the medical reasons a patient gains weight (loses it, gains it back, repeat) such as;

  • Is it genetics, environmental, or medications causing weight gain?
  • Is there undiagnosed insulin resistance as part of Metabolic Syndrome?
  • Is there thyroid dysfunction or something else in your lab work or past medical history?

A MetTrimMD medical team identifies the reasons and provides a personalized – medical, behavioral, and long-term – plan. As a result – what takes many patients months or even years to gain – they’re able to lose 10lbs-100lbs+ rapidly, painlessly, safely – with physician supervision – and learn how to maintain a healthy weight – once and for all.

What Sets Us Apart?

We integrate 3 critical components necessary to grow.

  • Medical Team – The Physician and Medical Team
  • Turn-key System – This program drives results. It has been designed with built-in protocol, marketing, web-tools, and food
  • Marketing Machine – We help you attract patients in your area, which in turn allows you to dominate the physician assisted weight loss market

Take the guess work out of the equation and partner with Revergence Healthcare. We have everything you need get started helping patients live a healthier and better life. This weight loss program follows the safety recommendations and guidelines of the ASBP, NIH, AMA, and US Preventative Services Task Force. With Revergence Healthcare you get the following:

  • Marketing – Professional branding, brochures, signage, print, video, patient web site, and physician website. From the start we are there to help create and implement your marketing.
  • Staffing – Market research staff, graphic design and technology staff, product research and development staff, customer care and on-going champion training staff.
  • Set-up – System installation, complete system training, food pharm,acy inventory and setup, complete POS system & marketing component.

Without Revergence Healthcare, you could spend over $250,000 to set this up. We help you get started at a fraction of that cost and you will pay yourself back in a short period of time (approximately 35-40 patients).

Contact Revergence Healthcare to learn more about setting up this Weight Loss Program - 1.800-624.1509 or by email.

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